TSBW 5" Thruster Fin Set (3-Piece) $35.00 AUD
Our plastic 5" intro thruster twin tab fins are a great allrounder fin set. The intro fins are a balanced fin template and is well suited for almost every surf condition.Style code:  125092 We do have fibreglass fins available if you prefer, please contact sales@tsbw.com.au to find out more
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AQQS 9" Hemp Mandala Fin $119.00 AUD
Elevate Your Surfing Journey with AQQS 9" Hemp Mandala Fin Key Attributes: Artistic Mandala Design: Brings spiritual symmetry to your surf 9" Upright Template: Precision in every turn, flow in every glide Hemp Inlay Construction: Combines performance with sustainability Universally Adaptable: Ideal for traditional logs and modern designs alike Resilient and Enduring: Built to last while respecting nature's balance Ride the Waves, Feel the Harmony Introducing the AQQS 9" Hemp Mandala Fin—a surfboard fin that is as much a work of art as it is a pinnacle of functionality. Imagine making that perfect turn with a fin that not only supports your agility but also brings a touch of spirituality to your ride. That's the AQQS 9" Hemp Mandala Fin for you. The Material and The Mandala: Where Tradition Meets Craftsmanship Constructed with a specialized hemp fabric inlay and adorned with the captivating AQSS mandala design, this fin bridges the gap between age-old traditions and modern sustainability. Detailed Specifications: Size: Measured at 9" for superior control Material: Expertly infused with hemp fabric inlay Design: Features AQSS mandala for a unique aesthetic appeal From the Vendors: The AQQS 9" Hemp Mandala Fin offers an extraordinary surfing experience, not just in terms of performance but in its ecological responsibility and aesthetic appeal. A fin for those who seek more than just a ride on the waves.
AQQS 10" Bronze Rake Single Fin $119.00 AUD
Elevate Your Ride with the AQQS 10" Bronze Rake Single Fin Quick Highlights: Vintage Style, Modern Performance: Flex fin designed for next-level maneuverability Bronze Finish: Aesthetic brilliance meets surf technology Sweeping Turns & Flowing Style: A fin that pushes you to surf better Exceptional Hold: Optimized for nose-riding stability Perfect Dimensions: Base 7.25" | Depth 10.5" for precise control Vintage Aesthetics, Cutting-Edge Functionality The AQQS 10" Bronze Rake Single Fin delivers an aesthetic masterpiece without compromising on performance. Inspired by vintage surfboard fin designs, it enhances not only your board's look but also its performance capabilities. Propel Your Surfing to New Heights Designed for optimal maneuverability and maximum propulsion, this fin encourages sweeping turns and a flowing surf style. Make every wave an open canvas, waiting for your artistic touch. Hold & Stability Like Never Before Enjoy unparalleled hold through nose-rides, thanks to its ideal dimensions. This fin is specially designed to stabilize your surfboard, ensuring a smoother, more controlled ride. Key Specifications: Base: 7.25″ or 18.5cm Depth: 10.5" or 26.6cm Material: Premium Bronze Type: Single Flex Fin Additional Vendor Insight: Engineered for robust performance and durability, the AQQS 10" Bronze Rake Single Fin exceeds industry standards. Its bronze finish not only adds an element of visual elegance but also increases resistance to corrosion, making it a long-lasting addition to your surfboard setup.
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AQQS 8" Bamboo Fin Set (2+1) $99.00 AUD
Elevate Your Surfing Game with AQQS 8" Bamboo Fin Set (2+1) Where Tradition Meets Innovation for Unmatched Board Control Standout Features: Natural Bamboo Construction: Combines durability with a unique aesthetic 2+1 Fin Arrangement: 8" center fin for loose ride, complemented by 5” side stabilizers Enhanced Maneuverability: Ideal for mid-length to long boards Optimal Responsiveness: Sharp control, enhanced drive, and superior hold Timeless Craftsmanship: Traditional design elements incorporated with modern engineering The Next Level in Surfboard Control Turn every wave into an opportunity for unmatched performance. The AQQS 8" Bamboo Fin Set incorporates a 2+1 configuration, perfectly balancing stability with agility. This set has been meticulously crafted with a bamboo core, offering both durability and a timeless look. Versatile Surfing, Anytime, Anywhere Whether you're riding a mid-length or a long board, this fin set is designed to give you the freedom of a looser feel without compromising on control. The 8" center fin grants you incredible maneuverability while the 5" bamboo stabilizing fins ensure a responsive hold and ample drive. Detailed Specifications: Center Fin Size: Generous 8" for a looser board feel Side Fins: Precisely measured at 5" for exceptional stability Material: Crafted from robust, yet flexible bamboo Suitability: Optimal for both mid-length and long boards Vendor Insights: The AQQS 8" Bamboo Fin Set is more than a simple upgrade—it’s an invitation to advanced surfing. Each fin is designed and tested to meet the highest quality and performance standards.
AQQS 10" Retro Hatchet Single Fin $119.00 AUD
Ride the Wave of Nostalgia with the AQQS 10" Retro Hatchet Single Fin Quick Highlights: Timeless Retro Design: Perfect for old-school logs and modern nose riders Large Surface Area: Designed for optimal board flow and hold Upright Shape: Enhances arc flows and stability Highly Versatile: A hit with Vintage Log and Beau's Re-Evolution longboards Key Dimensions: Base and depth measurements optimized for performance A Nod to the Classics The AQQS 10" Retro Hatchet Single Fin pays homage to vintage surfboard fins while packing a modern punch. Suited for both traditional logs and contemporary nose riders, this fin bridges the gap between eras, offering the best of both worlds. Elevate Your Performance Its large surface area and upright shape are meticulously engineered to allow your board to flow seamlessly through arcs. The fin's unique design also offers unprecedented hold while nose-riding, letting you carve your own path on the waves. Key Specifications: Surface Area: Large for maximum stability Shape: Upright for better flow through arcs Compatibility: Perfect with Vintage Log and Beau's Re-Evolution longboards Type: Single Fin Setup Vendor Insights Designed for surfers by surfers, the AQQS 10" Retro Hatchet Single Fin is a product of intensive R&D. It meets and exceeds industry standards, promising a durable and reliable surfing experience.
AQSS 10” Re-Evolution "D" Style Single Fin $119.00 AUD
Unleash Your Full Surf Potential with AQSS 10" Re-Evolution "D" Style Single Fin Key Features: Design: Vintage "D" Style Size: 10" for maximum control Optimized: Ideal for nose riding and forward-surfing Synergistic: Complements the Re-Evolution longboard series Crafted for the Forward Thinkers Get ready to redefine your longboard game. AQSS presents the 10" Re-Evolution "D" Style Single Fin—a throwback in form but a breakthrough in function. Suited for both vintage logs and contemporary boards, this fin takes you back while propelling you forward. Unparalleled Control and Aesthetic This fin's 10-inch size is not just about making a visual impact; it's about offering unparalleled control when you are nose-riding or maneuvering at the front of your board. The vintage "D" style complements the Re-Evolution longboard line, ensuring a harmonious blend of performance and visual allure. Vendor's Voice: "What we've achieved with the Re-Evolution 'D' Style Single Fin is a marriage of old-school charm and modern performance. It's been designed to not just look good, but to genuinely enhance your surfing capabilities, particularly in nose-riding scenarios." BASE: 175MM | 7" DEPTH: 255mm | 10"  
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