Bom Bora 41" EVA Skimboard $99.00 AUD
Ride the Shoreline with the Bom Bora 41" EVA Skimboard Skim the Surface in Style The Bom Bora 41" EVA Skimboard is the quintessential choice for aspiring and seasoned skimboarders alike. Smooth Sailing Design Comfortable EVA Traction: A plush, edge-to-edge EVA deck for secure footing and soft landings. Sturdy Plywood Core: Underneath the EVA, a layered plywood core provides durability and a sturdy ride. Sleek Underside: A super smooth base ensures your skim is as slick as it is swift. Performance and Ease Enhanced Nose Design: The board's carefully crafted nose prevents nosediving, making transitions from shore to wave seamless. Ample Size for Stability: At 41 inches, this board gives you the platform you need for a stable skim, no matter your skill level. EVA SKIM BOARD SPECIFICATION DESCRIPTION SIZES 41" CONSTRUCTION Plywood GRIP  Edge to edge EVA Grip ROCKER In the tip FLEX RATING 4/5
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Random X 37” Wooden Skimboard
$71.94 AUD
The 37" Random X Wooden skimboard is great for entry level skimmers and anyone wanting to learn the basics of skimboarding! Our strong and durable 5-layered timber construction provides a rigid platform that holds amazing momentum and promotes longer skims. This is a great allrounder that will allow for skill advancement. Size Length: 37'' Construction Plywood Construction Rocker in the tip
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Random X 44” Fiberglass Skimboard
$195.11 AUD
The 44" Random X Fiberglass Skimboard is the real deal when it comes to performance! Our fiberglass construction provides more sensitivity and flex under foot and delivers extra pop and spring when rebounding and turning on waves. Designed with a versatile outline to suit intermediate-to-experienced skimmers looking for a reliable, well-made and affordable board.  Size Length: 44'' Construction Plywood Construction Multidirectional Fiberglass Wrap Rocker in the tip
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