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TSBW 2.78m Rigid Single Cruiser Kayak $449.00 AUD
Explore Boundless Waters: TSBW 2.78m Rigid Single Cruiser Kayak Unveiling the Quintessence of Kayaking: Versatile Vessel: Designed for the spirited kayaker, adept for recreational jaunts or serene fishing escapes. Adaptive Adventure Craft: Optimal for diverse water conditions - from tranquil lakes to meandering rivers and coastal explorations. Crafted for Convenience and Control: Ergonomic Transport: Engineered to be lightweight with strategically placed handles for effortless movement to and from the water. Sleek and Stable: Aquadynamic shape featuring a V-shaped hull, crafted for superb stability and a smooth glide over water surfaces. Built to Endure: Robust Material: Composed with UV10 Stabilized plastic, offering resilience against the relentless Australian sun. Lasting Durability: A steadfast construction that stands up to the elements and the test of time. Tailored for Tranquil Travels: Streamlined Maneuverability: Navigate with precision and ease, thanks to the kayak’s refined contours. Comfort in the Currents: A design that merges comfort with functionality, creating an unrivaled paddling experience. Embark on a Journey of Solitude and Serenity
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TSBW 1.8m Rigid Kids Single Cruiser Kayak $299.00 AUD
TSBW 1.8m Rigid Kids Single Cruiser Kayak - Your Child's Gateway to Adventure Set Sail on Youthful Endeavors: Stability and Safety First: A design focused on keeping your child secure with a stable, wide-base paddling platform. Tailored for Young Explorers: Perfectly sized at 1.8 meters, making it an ideal first kayak for the young adventurer. Built for Ease and Enjoyment: Lightweight Design: Crafted to ensure that the kayak is easy for children and parents to carry. Convenience at Hand: Outfitted with well-placed handles for hassle-free transportation to and from the water. Durability Meets Design: UV10 Stabilized Plastic: Constructed with materials designed to withstand the harsh sun, ideal for endless fun in Australian waters. Long-Lasting Construction: Durable build to handle the energy and enthusiasm of kids without compromising on performance. Features for a Fantastic Voyage: Kid-Friendly Controls: An aqua-dynamic shape ensures smooth sailing and easy maneuvering for young paddlers. Ready for Action: Comes equipped for immediate use, so the aquatic adventure can begin at once (note: kayak seat sold separately). Navigating Youthful Excitement with Confidence  
Kokopelli Moki I R-Deck Inflatable Kayak (Removable Spraydeck)
$2,016.50 AUD
The Ultimate Inflatable Kayak: Built for Adventure, Designed for Convenience Key Features: Removable Spraydeck System: Paddle through any weather High-Pressure Drop-Stitch Floor: Exceptional stability meets robust design 9-inch Removable Tracking Fin: Maintain your course with precision Leafield D7 Valves: User-friendly and secure Alpine Lake Paddle: Included for immediate launch Nano Barrel Pump: Inflate fast and hit the water 34.6 lbs Total Weight: Easy to store and transport Sprayskirt Not Included: Customize your own The Pinnacle of Portable Kayaking Whether you're an adventure seeker or a weekend paddler, the Kokopelli Moki I R-Deck offers you the versatility and durability you've been searching for. Forget cumbersome hard-shells; this inflatable kayak is a game-changer. Durable, Versatile, Unmatched From its high-pressure drop-stitch floor to its removable 9-inch tracking fin, the Moki I R-Deck leaves nothing to chance. The Leafield D7 valves ensure a secure, rapid inflation, so you’re ready for the water in no time. Ready for Any Challenge Want to fish? Tour the ocean? Or just paddle a peaceful lake? This kayak has you covered. With multi-chamber inflation for added security, you'll paddle confidently, no matter the activity. What's in the Box? 1x Kokopelli Moki I R-Deck Inflatable Kayak 1x Alpine Lake Paddle (4-Piece) 1x Nano Barrel Pump 1x Ultra-comfortable EVA seat 1x Repair Kit (including glue) 1x Removable Fin 1x Premium Moki Carry Bag 1x Removable Spraydeck Elevate Your Paddling Game with the Kokopelli Moki I R-Deck Specs Series: Lake Series  Material (Sidewall): 420d Nylon + 1000d Reinforced PVC  Type: R-Deck (Removable Spraydeck)  Material (Floor): 1000d Reinforced PVC Water Rating: Flat Water, Bays & Inlets, Class I Valve (Pontoon): Leafield D7 Chambers: 3 (Left Pontoon + Right Pontoon + Drop-Stitch Floor) Valve (Seat): Leafield D7  Weight Capacity: 500lb (227kg) PSI (Pontoon): 1.0 Weight (Boat): 23.1lb (10.5kg) PSI (Floor): 6.0 Weight (Boat + Key Accessories): 34.6lb (15.7kg) Outer (Length): 144in (396cm)  Weight (Boat + All Accessories): 49.9lb (22.7kg)  Outer (Width): 35in (89cm) Packed Size (Folded): 31 x 20 x 8in (79 x 51 x 20cm) Inner (Length): 96in (244cm) Sprayskirt Compatible: Yes  Inner (Width): 14in (36cm) Thigh-Strap Compatible: No Removable Tracking Fin (Length): 9in (23cm) Removable Tracking Fin Compatible: Yes D-Ring (Material): Stainless-Steel - 1in (2.5cm) E-Power Compatible: Yes D-Ring (# of): 12 Total = 6 Bow + 6 Stern Warranty (Boat): 3 Year Key Accessories for the Moki-Lite include the Drop-Stitch Floor and the EVA Seat.
Kokopelli Moki-Lite Inflatable Kayak $1,825.75 AUD
The Ultimate Compact Adventurer: Your Kayak, Your Way Features at a Glance: Featherweight Design: Weighing in at just 26.7 lbs High-Pressure Drop-Stitch Floor: Your foundation for flawless stability User-Friendly Leafield D7 Valves: Inflate without a hitch Durable Materials: 420d Nylon + 1000d Reinforced PVC Compact Foldability: Takes less space than a checked suitcase 9-Inch Removable Tracking Fin: Superior steering control Inclusive Package: From paddle to pump, we’ve got you covered Sprayskirt Incompatible: For the straight-shooters among us Light as a Feather, Steady as a Rock Presenting the Kokopelli Moki-Lite—an inflatable kayak that's as light as it is stable. Designed to offer an unmatched balance between lightweight design and robust performance, this kayak is perfect for adventurers who refuse to compromise. Engineering Excellence Constructed with a high-pressure drop-stitch floor and made from 420d Nylon with 1000d Reinforced PVC, this boat is a fortress on water. The Leafield D7 valves ensure that inflation is both fast and secure. Navigate Like Never Before Featuring a 9-inch removable tracking fin, the Moki-Lite offers unparalleled directional control, allowing you to steer through varying water conditions with ease. Unpack and Go! No more cumbersome setups. With a foldable design that fits into an XL Animas River Bag, the Moki-Lite is travel-friendly and stores away without demanding extra space. Glide Effortlessly with the Kokopelli Moki-Lite Inflatable Kayak What’s Included: 1x Moki-Lite Inflatable Kayak 1x Alpine Lake Paddle (4-Piece) 1x Nano Barrel Pump 1x EVA Seat for Comfort 1x High-Pressure Drop-Stitch Floor 1x Repair Kit (Glue Included) 1x Removable Tracking Fin 1x Animas River Bag - XL Specifications: Weight Capacity: Up to 400 lbs Ideal Water Conditions: Flat Open Waters, Touring, Bays & Inlets 3-Year Warranty: We stand by our craftsmanship
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