Kokopelli Packraft Recon Spraydeck - Arctic Blue
from $1,960.91 AUD
Unveil the Pinnacle of Packraft Engineering: Where Robust Meets Refined Highlighted Features: Tough as Nails: Commercial-grade 1,000d reinforced PVC for the ultimate in durability Innovative Spraydeck: Designed for maximum warmth and minimal setup hassles High-Pressure Adaptability: Allows for a rigid structure that can withstand demanding conditions Class IV Ready: Built for extreme water situations at just 19.2 lbs Comprehensive Package: Comes fully loaded with essential accessories for immediate deployment Vendor's Words: "When it comes to tackling the roughest waters with optimal warmth and safety, there's no match for the Recon Spraydeck. Experience packrafting as it should be—durable, convenient, and above all, reliable." Built for the Toughest Routes Our Recon Spraydeck is crafted from commercial-grade 1,000d reinforced PVC and fitted with a commercial raft grade Leafield D7 valve. Designed to withstand the harshest conditions, this packraft is as close to indestructible as it gets. Advanced Spraydeck Technology Unlike any other, our Recon Spraydeck comes with a completely redesigned combing ring and a brand new spraydeck. This minimizes setup hassles and ensures you stay warm in colder temperatures and more challenging waters. Unyielding Performance Due to its high-pressure capability, this PVC packraft does not flex while navigating the water, thereby allowing you to maintain consistent momentum. It's an engineering feat tailored for the adventurous paddler. A True Companion for Class IV Rapids Weighing in at just 19.2 lbs and rated for up to Class IV rapids, the Recon Spraydeck is the go-to choice for extreme water conditions. This packraft was made for thrill-seekers who don’t want to compromise on comfort or safety. Kokopelli Packraft Recon Spraydeck in Arctic Blue: Navigate the Unyielding RECOMMENDED ACTIVITIES SPECS Series: Whitewater Series Material (Sidewall): 1000d Reinforced PVC Type: Whitewater-Deck  Material (Floor): 1000d Reinforced PVC  Water Rating: Class I - IV Valve (Pontoon): Leafield D7 Chambers: 1 (Main Pontoon) Valve (Seat): Stem Weight Capacity: 300lb (136kg) PSI (Pontoon): 1.0 Weight (Boat): 18.0lb (8.2kg) PSI (Seat): 1.0 Weight (Boat + Key Accessories): 19.2lb (8.7kg) Outer (Length): 90in (229cm) Weight (Boat + All Accessories): 21.5b (9.8kg)  Outer (Width): 37in (94cm) Packed Size (Rolled): 24 x 14in (61 x 36cm) Inner (Length): 57in (145cm) Sprayskirt Compatible: Yes   Inner (Width): 16in (41cm) Thigh-Strap Compatible: Yes TiZip Zipper (Length): 21in (53cm) E-Power Compatible: No Removable Tracking Fin (Length): NA Removable Tracking Fin Compatible: No D-Ring (Material): Stainless-Steel - 1in (2.5cm) Warranty (Boat): 3 Year D-Ring (# of): 6 Total = 4 Bow + 2 Stern Warranty (TiZip Zipper): 1 Year Key Accessories for the Recon Spraydeck include the Inflatable Seat plus the EVA Backband.TiZip Zipper is an optional feature.
Kokopelli Nirvana Inflatable Packraft Kayak Spraydeck Whitewater - Yellow from $2,396.91 AUD
Unleash Your Whitewater Warrior: A Fusion of Agility, Durability, and Innovation Features to Thrill You: Lightweight Yet Rugged: 210D TPU nylon sidewalls & 840D DuPont KEVLAR® floors Streamlined Dimensions: 90-inch length and 37-inch width for nimble navigation Payload Prowess: Can bear up to 300 lbs—gear included Rockered Profile: Specially designed for powering over challenging rapids EVA Backband: Because comfort should never take a back seat Optional TiZip: For the long hauls, extra storage has never been easier On-the-Go Inflation: Includes both inflation bag and tube Beyond the Ordinary—The Nirvana Experience The Kokopelli Nirvana Inflatable Packraft isn't just a kayak; it's a call to action. This yellow powerhouse is designed to tame whitewater rapids while providing comfort and stability. Packed with upgraded GRI push-push valves, setup becomes a breeze. Strength Meets Weightlessness Constructed with 210D TPU nylon sidewalls and floors fortified with 840D DuPont KEVLAR®, the Nirvana is your indomitable ally on any water. This incredible material combo provides resilience without weighing you down. Rocker-Ready Design Its rockered profile is masterfully engineered to conquer turbulent waters. Skim across rapids, rise above waves—this is where the Nirvana truly shines. Your Comfort, Our Priority The inflatable seat comes complete with a supportive EVA backband, ensuring you can keep your focus where it counts—on the rapids ahead. Conquer the Rapids with Kokopelli Nirvana Inflatable Packraft Kayak Spraydeck - Yellow What’s in the Box: 1x Kokopelli Nirvana Inflatable Packraft Kayak - Yellow 1x Inflation Bag 1x Inflation Tube 1x Inflatable Seat with EVA Backband Specifications: Material: 210D TPU Nylon (sidewalls), 840D DuPont KEVLAR® (floor) Max Load: 300 lbs Length: 90 inches Width: 37 inches Integrated Spraydeck: For the best in water and weather defense Warranty: Lifetime craftsmanship guarantee
Kokopelli Packraft Rogue R-Deck (Removable Spraydeck) - Yellow from $2,178.91 AUD
Elevate the Everyday: Unmatched Versatility Meets Revolutionary Design Must-Know Features: Incredibly Lightweight: Tipping the scales at just 9.1 lbs for unparalleled portability Revolutionary Removable Spraydeck: Be prepared for any condition; zip off when it's not needed Durability by Design: 210d DuPont™ Kevlar® Aramid-Nylon Blend reinforced floor and 210d TPU + Nylon sidewalls Versatile Rating: Suited for up to Class II rivers and beyond Loaded with Essentials: Comes with all you need to launch into your next adventure right away Vendor Insight: "Our Rogue R-Deck isn't just a packraft; it's an invitation to explore without limits. With its unique removable spraydeck and durable, lightweight design, we’ve made it easier than ever to transition between serene lakes and rolling rivers." Kokopelli Packraft Rogue R-Deck in Sunburst Yellow: Your Boundless Adventure Awaits Featherlight Yet Fierce The Rogue R-Deck stands out with its incredible lightness—weighing only 9.1 lbs, it redefines what it means to be portable. But don’t let its lightweight nature fool you; this packraft is designed to endure with a 210d DuPont™ Kevlar® Aramid-Nylon Blend reinforced floor. Your Spraydeck, Your Way The innovation lies in its adaptability. The removable spraydeck offers unparalleled versatility, allowing you to customize your packrafting experience. There when you need it and stows away when you don't—adventure on your terms. Built for Real-World Ruggedness With 210d TPU + Nylon sidewalls, the Rogue R-Deck offers a compelling combination of strength and weight. It’s not just a boat; it’s a steadfast companion built to withstand the rigors of bikepacking, fishing, and more. Tackling All Terrains Rated for up to Class II rivers, the Rogue R-Deck is your go-to for any water-based escapade—be it bikepacking, high alpine expeditions, or casual weekend getaways. It's engineered to meet the demands of a range of adventures, wherever they may lead you. RECOMMENDED ACTIVITIES SPECS Series: Adventure Series Material (Sidewall): 210d TPU + Nylon Type: R-Deck (Removable Spraydeck)  Material (Floor): 210d TPU + DuPont Kevlar Aramid-Nylon Blend Water Rating: Flat Water, Bays & Inlets, Class I - II Valve (Pontoon): Leafield D7 Chambers: 1 (Main Pontoon) Valve (Seat): Stem Weight (Boat): 7.9lb (3.6kg) PSI (Pontoon): 1 Weight (Boat + Key Accessories): 9.1lb (4.1kg) PSI (Seat): 1 Weight (Boat + All Accessories): 10.0b (4.5kg)  Outer (Length): 90in (229cm)  Packed Size (Rolled): 16 x 8in (41 x 20cm) Outer (Width): 37in (94cm) Sprayskirt Compatible: Yes   Inner (Length): 57in (145cm) Thigh-Strap Compatible: No Inner (Width): 16in (41cm) E-Power Compatible: No TiZip Zipper (Length): 21in (53cm) Removable Tracking Fin Compatible: No Removable Tracking Fin (Length): NA Warranty (Boat): 3 Year D-Ring (Material): Mil-Spec Webbing - 1in (2.5cm)  Warranty (TiZip Zipper): 1 Year D-Ring (# of): 6 Total = 4 Bow + 2 Stern Key Accessories for the Rogue R-Deck include the Inflatable Seat plus the EVA Backband. TiZip Zipper is an optional feature.
Kokopelli Twain 2-Person Packraft w/ TiZip - Yellow
$2,505.91 AUD
Setting New Standards: The 2-Person Packraft with TiZip - A Vanguard in Inflatable Boats Main Attractions: Vivid Yellow Design: A visual treat that stands out on any water surface. TiZip Inclusion: Enhanced water-proofing and protection for your belongings. Versatility at Heart: Perfect for serene lake outings, alpine climbs, or a casual water-bound day. Dynamic Duo: Designed for twosomes - be it friends, couples or a pet lover and their furry companion. Vendor's Promise: "Kokopelli pioneers innovation in packrafting. The Twain with TiZip brings you an inflatable boat that's not just about getting from A to B but an experience in itself. Every aspect, from the color to construction, is meticulously crafted." Delving into Details: The Twain's canoe-like design opens doors to tranquil water journeys. The 840d DuPont™ Kevlar® Aramid-Nylon Blend reinforces durability. Safety is at the core, with the dual-chambered design and dependable Leafield D7 valves. Unveiling the Kokopelli Twain: Packrafting Redefined What Comes with the Twain? Twain Packraft Inflation Bag & Tube: Effortless setup. Compression Straps: Keep things compact. EVA Backbands & Inflatable Seats: Comfort redefined. Removable 9in Tracking Fin: Navigate with precision. Emergency Kit: For those unexpected moments. TiZip Zipper Lubricant: Smooth operation, every time. Key Specifications: Series: Lake Series Material: 210d TPU + Nylon Sidewall, 840d TPU + DuPont Kevlar Aramid-Nylon Blend Floor Chambers: 2 - Front & Rear Pontoon Dimensions: Outer - 122in Length, 37in Width; Inner - 88in Length, 16in Width Weight: 11.2lb (Boat Alone); 13.6lb with Key Accessories; 14.8lb Fully Equipped Capacity: Up to 600lb Water Rating: Flat Water, Bays, Inlets, Class I Warranty: 3 Years (Boat), 1 Year (TiZip Zipper)
Kokopelli Packraft Recon Self Bailing - Arctic Blue
from $1,851.91 AUD
The Ultimate Fusion of Durability and Agility: Navigate Waters Like Never Before What Sets It Apart: Commercial-Grade Construction: Crafted with 1000d reinforced PVC for ultimate durability Advanced Self-Bailing Design: Keeps you dry by draining water automatically High-Pressure Resilience: No flexing under pressure, ensuring consistent momentum Whitewater Ready: Engineered for Class I-IV rapids Complete Package: Comes with an array of essential accessories for a complete boating experience Vendor Take: "Built to last and designed for adrenaline, the Kokopelli Packraft Recon Self Bailing is your loyal companion from tranquil lakes to turbulent rapids." Kokopelli Packraft Recon Self Bailing in Arctic Blue: The Unyielding Voyager An Unbreakable Bond with Durability Constructed from commercial-grade 1000d reinforced PVC, this packraft is not just built to float but to endure. Featuring Leafield D7 valves, you get top-of-the-line resilience in the toughest conditions. Self-Bailing: Stay Above, Stay Dry The self-bailing design ensures that you stay dry and above water, without the fuss. Say goodbye to cumbersome setup and hello to rapid self-rescue capabilities. The Power of High Pressure Unlike traditional TPU packrafts, this PVC marvel can be inflated to a higher pressure, eliminating flex and allowing you to maintain steady momentum, even through demanding features on the river. Built for Whitewater Adventures Weighing just 18 lbs and rated up to Class IV, this packraft is designed for the thrill-seeker in you. It’s perfect for quick laps or extended expeditions.
Kokopelli Packraft Rogue-Lite - Yellow
from $1,956.55 AUD
Kokopelli Packraft Rogue-Lite in Vivid Yellow: Discover Freedom on Water Less Is More: Introducing the Minimalist's Dream Raft Highlight Reel: Impossibly Light: A mere 5.5 lbs for true travel freedom Compact Design: Folds down to the size of a paper towel roll Award-Winning Craftsmanship: Voted Gear of the Year by Men’s Journal 210d DuPont™ Kevlar® Floor: Premium Aramid-Nylon Blend for ultimate durability Ready-to-Go Package: Comes with all essential items for immediate adventure Vendor Says: "The Rogue-Lite isn't just another packraft; it's a revolution in minimalist outdoor gear. Its versatility knows no bounds—from lakes to Class I rivers, this raft is designed to bring the majesty of water landscapes closer to you, without weighing you down." A Feather in the Wind, A Marvel in the Water The Rogue-Lite, weighing in at an astonishing 5.5 lbs, redefines minimalist travel. No need to compromise between adventure and ease; this packraft offers both. Created for those who wander but are not lost. Small But Mighty The Rogue-Lite is as compact as they come, folding down to the size of a paper towel roll. Its size belies its strength—the 210d DuPont™ Kevlar® Aramid-Nylon Blend reinforced floor system ensures this packraft can stand up to whatever you throw its way. More Than Just Gear: It’s an Award-Winner Selected as Gear of the Year by Men's Journal, the Rogue-Lite isn’t just another inflatable boat—it’s a trusted partner for your expeditions. Its accolades reflect its design: durable, reliable, and ever-versatile. Versatility at Its Peak The Rogue-Lite is not picky about its adventures. Suitable for lakes, oceans, and up to Class I rivers, this is the packraft for all your journeys—whether it's backpacking trips, adventure travel, or high-alpine fishing. RECOMMENDED ACTIVITIES SPECS Series: Adventure Series Material (Sidewall): 210d TPU + Nylon Type: Bucket Material (Floor): 210d TPU + DuPont Kevlar Aramid-Nylon Blend Water Rating: Flat Water, Bays & Inlets, Class I Valve (Pontoon): Leafield D7 Chambers: 1 (Main Pontoon) Valve (Seat): Stem Weight Capacity: 300lb (136kg) PSI (Pontoon): 1.0 Weight (Boat): 5.5lb (2.5kg) PSI (Seat): 1.0 Weight (Boat + Key Accessories): 6.0lb (2.7kg) Outer (Length): 85in (216cm) Weight (Boat + All Accessories): 6.6lb (3.0kg) Outer (Width): 37in (94cm) Packed Size (Rolled): 12 x 8in (30 x 20cm) Inner (Length): 51in (130cm) Sprayskirt Compatible: No Inner (Width): 16in (41cm) Thigh-Strap Compatible: No TiZip Zipper (Length): 21in (53cm) E-Power Compatible: No Removable Tracking Fin (Length): NA Removable Tracking Fin Compatible: No D-Ring (Material): Mil-Spec Webbing - 1in (2.5cm) Warranty (Boat): 3 Year D-Ring (# of): 4 Total = 4 Bow Warranty (TiZip Zipper): 1 Year Key Accessories for the Rogue-Lite include the Inflatable Seat. TiZip Zipper is an optional feature.
Kokopelli Packraft XPD - Fire Red & Olive Green from $1,633.91 AUD
Unleash Adventure with the Kokopelli Packraft XPD in Fire Red & Olive Green The XPD: Where Rugged Meets Minimalist Fast Facts: Multi-Terrain Versatility: Ideal for flat water, bays, inlets, and Class I - II rapids Commercial-Grade Build: Made from 1,000d reinforced PVC for unmatched durability Ultra-Lightweight: Just 14 lbs and packs into a backpack Enhanced Tracking: Now featuring a removable 9-inch fin for precise navigation E-Motor Compatible: American Standard Fin Box allows for motor attachments 3-Year Warranty: Long-term quality assurance Vendor Spotlight: "Where innovation meets intuition, the XPD is the quintessential packraft for adventurers who refuse to settle. Engineered for performance and designed with versatility in mind, this raft is your passport to freedom on water." Adventure-Ready Design The Kokopelli Packraft XPD is not just a vessel; it's your gateway to boundless exploration. Built on the award-winning Rogue-Lite platform, this iteration amplifies the thrill with its commercial-grade, 1,000d reinforced PVC construction. Stay on Course with Enhanced Tracking The XPD's 2022 model comes equipped with a 9-inch, removable tracking fin. Whether you're up for an intense adventure or a leisurely paddle, this addition helps keep you on the straight and narrow. A Boat for Every Journey Weighing a mere 14 lbs and folding down to fit in your backpack, the XPD suits everyone from weekend warriors to avid hunters. And its compatibility with most e-motors means this packraft adapts to your pace. Ready When You Are This packraft is ready for immediate deployment, featuring a quick-inflate Nano Barrel Pump, Compression Strap Set, and Repair Kit. It's your ready-to-go set for untamed escapades. RECOMMENDED ACTIVITIES SPECS Series: Adventure Series Material (Sidewall): 1000d Reinforced PVC Type: Bucket Material (Floor): 1000d Reinforced PVC Water Rating: Flat Water, Bays & Inlets, Class I - II Valve (Pontoon): Leafield D7 Chambers: 1 (Main Pontoon) Valve (Seat): Stem Weight Capacity: 300lb (136kg) PSI (Pontoon): 1.0 Weight (Boat): 14lb (6.4kg) PSI (Seat): 1.0 Weight (Boat + Key Accessories): 14.0lb (6.3kg) Outer (Length): 85in (216cm) Weight (Boat + All Accessories): 16.0lb (7.3kg) Outer (Width): 37in (94cm) Packed Size (Rolled): 24 x 10in (61 x 25cm) Inner (Length): 51in (130cm) Sprayskirt Compatible: No Inner (Width): 16in (41cm) Thigh-Strap Compatible: No TiZip Zipper (Length): 21in (53cm) E-Power Compatible: Yes Removable Tracking Fin (Length): NA Removable Tracking Fin Compatible: Yes D-Ring (Material): Stainless-Steel - 1in (2.5cm) Warranty (Boat): 3 Year D-Ring (# of): 6 Total = 4 Bow + 2 Stern Key Accessories for the XPD include the Inflatable Seat. TiZip Zipper is an optional feature.
Kokopelli Twain 2-Person Packraft - Yellow from $2,287.91 AUD
Explore Waters Together: The Ultimate Inflatable Boat for Duos Highlighted Features: Dual Capacity: Perfect for couples, friends, or you and your pet. Compact Design: Weighing 13.6lb (6.2kg), it's as compact as a large sleeping bag. Robust Construction: Features the durable 840d DuPont™ Kevlar® Aramid-Nylon Blend floor. Added Security: Dual-chambered design and Leafield D7 valves for safety and stability. Motor-Ready: The American Standard Fin Box is compatible with most e-motors. Vendor's Insight: "Venture into tranquil lakes or navigate bay waters with a companion. With Kokopelli Twain, paddling becomes an experience to share. Our Packraft is tailored for those who believe in 'together is better'. Dive into nature with unmatched safety and convenience." Embark on a Dual Adventure with Kokopelli Twain 2-Person Packraft Dive Deep into the Twain Experience: Pair up and paddle! Whether it’s a mountain side lake or a serene bay, the Twain offers a comfortable and secure journey. The included removable 9in (23cm) tracking fin ensures you steer just right. More than Just a Boat: Your packraft comes ready with almost everything: Inflation Bag, Inflation Tube, Compression Straps, EVA Backbands, Inflatable Seats, and a crucial Emergency Repair Kit. Simply inflate and embark on your adventure. Specifications Snapshot: Series: Lake Series Material: 210d TPU + Nylon Sidewall, 840d TPU + DuPont Kevlar Aramid-Nylon Blend Floor Weight Capacity: 600lb (272kg) Chambers: 2 (Front & Rear Pontoon) Weight: 11.2lb (5.1kg) Boat alone, 13.6lb (6.2kg) with Key Accessories Dimensions: 122in (310cm) Length, 37in (94cm) Width Packed Size: 16 x 10in (41 x 25cm) Warranty: 3 Years for Boat, 1 Year for TiZip Zipper
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