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Funwater Adjustable SUP Paddle $129.00 AUD
Capture your adventure. Offering Good Wave's feath-r-lite SUP paddle, a 3-piece adjustable paddle to fit the whole family! Features Adjustable SUP Paddle. 3-pieces combination paddle board paddle - It can be separated freely. It is adjusted easily from 175cm to 215cm.  Durable, professional material. Made of industrial grade aluminum alloy, lightweight and portable. Ergonomic design. T-type handle with ergonomic design, good grip, non-slip and difficult to fall off. In addition, the teardrop blade shape efficiently translates your power to the water and its midsize reduces torque on the body for less paddling fatigue. A must choice for beginner or experienced. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced paddle boarder, having quality SUP paddles is an important part of the experience. Additional Info Perfect for beginners, casual paddlers and rental shops. SUP is guaranteed to float in both salt and fresh water when the parts are together. Even a beginner will feel much faster and free to handle with Overmont stand-up paddles. Built to last. Our rugged, easy to use paddles are built to endure punishment from beginners and renters. SUP Paddle delivers a lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum shaft, a durable polypropylene blade and a super comfortable ergonomically designed handle. Travel storage. Go on a local or international adventure with your paddle! Break it down into 3 pieces and throw it in the back of your car or carry it on to a plane. Our paddle travels and stores like none other. Our promise. Stand up paddleboarding is part of our lifestyle and our mission is to provide affordable, high-quality paddles to budding casual paddlers. These SUP Paddles has a 12-month complete replacement guarantee, so go ahead and shop with confidence. Adjustable for all paddlers. Overmont 3-piece paddle is easy to adjust to your desired height from 67 to 85 inches (1.7 - 2.15m) within seconds, making it ideal for all paddlers above the height of 4 feet 8 inches. Weighing at only about 2 lb., even children can handle it easily. The aluminum alloy fun water adjustable SUP paddle is our favorite SUP paddle for sale, with a more affordable entry price point than most fiberglass SUP paddle options. Dual womens SUP paddle and mens SUP paddle functionality.
TSBW Kids Kayak Paddle $25.00 AUD
Our TSBW kids paddles are designed with a new upgraded design that makes them lighter and stronger than ever before, with a blade shape that cuts through the water and makes it easy to control.
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TSBW Adult Kayak Paddle (2-Piece) $35.00 AUD
The TSBW Kayak Paddle is a rugged and simple basic two-piece dual-blade paddle. It features an aluminium two-piece shaft that locks together with a spring-loaded catch and pulls apart into two pieces for easy transport.
Atlantis Elixir "Fixed" Carbon SUP Paddle $199.00 AUD
Propel Your Paddle Game with Atlantis Elixir "Fixed" Carbon SUP Paddle Unrivaled Strength Meets Effortless Speed: Your New Paddling Essential Key Features: Feather-Light Design: Crafted from 100% high-end 3K carbon composite, slashing your carry weight in half compared to alloy paddles. Custom Fit: Fixed-length paddle specifically cut to suit individual heights, maximizing performance. Superior Blade: 8.2" paddle blade enhances each stroke's precision and speed. Enhanced Durability: Eliminates joints and connectors, increasing overall strength and lifespan. Vendor's Take: "When you're serious about stand-up paddling, you need equipment that matches your passion. The Atlantis Elixir Fixed Carbon SUP Paddle is your answer to cutting-edge performance and unparalleled endurance." Where Strength and Lightness Coalesce Experience the best of both worlds. The Atlantis Elixir brings you an ultra-light carbon paddle without sacrificing an ounce of strength. Personalized Performance No more one-size-fits-all. With its fixed design, this paddle is tailored to your height, giving you the most optimized paddling experience. Blade that Cuts Through Water The 8.2” blade isn't just about size; it's about the sharper, quicker strokes it allows, drastically enhancing your paddling efficiency.  
Waterborn F1 Adjustable Carbon Paddle $229.00 AUD
The Waterborn F1 Carbon Adjustable Paddle is designed to improve your paddle performance. The Waterborn F1 is a lightweight and adjustable carbon paddle that provides superior strength, flexibility and performance when compared to alloy and fiberglass alternatives. In comparison, this ultra-light carbon paddle will weigh approximately 2/3 the weight of competing alloy paddles. If you want to improve your overall paddle performance than the Waterborn F1 will help you increase your technique with controlled flex and torque and provide positive feedback with each stroke through the water. The Waterborn F1 Adjustable Paddle features an 8.7” paddle blade with concaved blade face for increased tracking when paddling. This unique blade style is designed to improve your stroke and create a cleaner, straighter line when paddling. The F1 paddle is constructed using 100% high-end 3K carbon composite for a strong and functional finish. The paddle shaft is adjustable which adds more functionality for families and enables it to be adjusted to suit the whole family regardless of their height. This paddle utilises precision adjustment technology allowing the user to easily adjust the paddles height by the millimetre allowing for more customisation and a superior fit for all users. So if you want to improve your paddle stroke with a lightweight carbon paddle then have a look at the Waterborn F1 Adjustable. VIDEO
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Atlantis Elixir Adjustable Carbon SUP Paddle $229.00 AUD
Master the Waves with Atlantis Elixir Adjustable Carbon SUP Paddle Key Features: Variable-Length Shaft: Adds functionality for multiple users, easily adjustable to suit all heights. Feather-Light: Made from 100% high-grade 3K carbon composite, weighing only two-thirds compared to alloy competitors. High-Performance Blade: Featuring an 8.2" paddle blade for rapid, precise strokes. Precision Adjustment Technology: Allows meticulous height adjustment by the millimeter for unparalleled fit. Vendor's Statement: "Opt for the best of both worlds—strength and adaptability. Atlantis Elixir Adjustable Carbon SUP Paddle is designed for the modern family and versatile SUPers who crave customization without sacrificing performance." Meet the Jack-of-All-Trades From beginner to seasoned SUPer, this adjustable paddle suits all, offering superior strength and performance, wrapped in an ultra-light package. The Pinnacle of Adjustability Precision matters. Adjust the paddle's height down to the millimeter for a uniquely tailored paddling experience for each user. Feather-Light, Yet Formidable Why settle? Experience superior speed, controlled flex, and reduced fatigue—all thanks to our cutting-edge carbon composite material.
Waterborn Impact Alloy Adjustable Paddle $129.00 AUD
The Waterborn Impact Paddle is a family friendly and fully adjustable paddle option. The Impact Paddle is safe, sturdy and feature packed. The Impact Paddle features a high-grade lightweight aluminium alloy shaft with adjustable functionality which enables it to be adjusted to suit the whole family regardless of their height. This paddle utilises C-Clip technology for easy height adjustment and the internal shaft contains water-resistant foam to aid in floatation. The paddles blade has been reinforced with a rubber edge to protect the board and users from potential damage and injury making it our most safe paddle option to date. If you want a safe paddle option for the family then you can’t go past the Waterborn Impact Adjustable Paddle. Best suited for those who want a safe, affordable and adjustable paddle option VIDEO
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