Waterborn F1 Adjustable Carbon Paddle

$229.00 AUD

Waterborn F1 Adjustable Carbon Paddle

$229.00 AUD

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Product description

The Waterborn F1 Carbon Adjustable Paddle is designed to improve your paddle performance.

The Waterborn F1 is a lightweight and adjustable carbon paddle that provides superior strength, flexibility and performance when compared to alloy and fiberglass alternatives. In comparison, this ultra-light carbon paddle will weigh approximately 2/3 the weight of competing alloy paddles.

If you want to improve your overall paddle performance than the Waterborn F1 will help you increase your technique with controlled flex and torque and provide positive feedback with each stroke through the water.

The Waterborn F1 Adjustable Paddle features an 8.7” paddle blade with concaved blade face for increased tracking when paddling. This unique blade style is designed to improve your stroke and create a cleaner, straighter line when paddling. The F1 paddle is constructed using 100% high-end 3K carbon composite for a strong and functional finish. The paddle shaft is adjustable which adds more functionality for families and enables it to be adjusted to suit the whole family regardless of their height.

This paddle utilises precision adjustment technology allowing the user to easily adjust the paddles height by the millimetre allowing for more customisation and a superior fit for all users.

So if you want to improve your paddle stroke with a lightweight carbon paddle then have a look at the Waterborn F1 Adjustable.


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