AQQS 10" Bronze Rake Single Fin

$119.00 AUD

AQQS 10" Bronze Rake Single Fin

$119.00 AUD

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Product description

Elevate Your Ride with the AQQS 10" Bronze Rake Single Fin

Quick Highlights:

  • Vintage Style, Modern Performance: Flex fin designed for next-level maneuverability
  • Bronze Finish: Aesthetic brilliance meets surf technology
  • Sweeping Turns & Flowing Style: A fin that pushes you to surf better
  • Exceptional Hold: Optimized for nose-riding stability
  • Perfect Dimensions: Base 7.25" | Depth 10.5" for precise control

Vintage Aesthetics, Cutting-Edge Functionality

The AQQS 10" Bronze Rake Single Fin delivers an aesthetic masterpiece without compromising on performance. Inspired by vintage surfboard fin designs, it enhances not only your board's look but also its performance capabilities.

Propel Your Surfing to New Heights

Designed for optimal maneuverability and maximum propulsion, this fin encourages sweeping turns and a flowing surf style. Make every wave an open canvas, waiting for your artistic touch.

Hold & Stability Like Never Before

Enjoy unparalleled hold through nose-rides, thanks to its ideal dimensions. This fin is specially designed to stabilize your surfboard, ensuring a smoother, more controlled ride.

Key Specifications:

  • Base: 7.25β€³ or 18.5cm
  • Depth: 10.5" or 26.6cm
  • Material: Premium Bronze
  • Type: Single Flex Fin

Additional Vendor Insight:

Engineered for robust performance and durability, the AQQS 10" Bronze Rake Single Fin exceeds industry standards. Its bronze finish not only adds an element of visual elegance but also increases resistance to corrosion, making it a long-lasting addition to your surfboard setup.

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