Takuma 4'6" TK45 Carbon Foiling Board Paddleboard - Red

$1,499.00 AUD

Takuma 4'6" TK45 Carbon Foiling Board Paddleboard - Red

$1,499.00 AUD

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Product description

 The perfect crossover board for advanced surf, wing and wake foiling. 

These boards pack a bunch of volume into their compact size, intelligently distributed to create a natural lift for a much faster take-off and enhance the board’s stability. 


These boards provide a fun and thrilling experience that advanced and expert riders will love.


Specification Description
Skill Level Intermediate-Advanced
Construction EPS Core, Double Stringer PVC Reinforced Foil Mount, Glass Fibre Layer, HD PVC Foam on Deck, Carbon Fibre
4'6" x 20 5/16" x 4 1/2" 45 L
Double Concave Bottom
Minimises water drag facilitating earlier take-off
Takuma Quick Tail
For better water flow allowing earlier release and take-off
The Hover and Thrust Nose This new concept in board nose design provides exceptional overall board balance and touch down release
Takuma 'G' Deck
The Gravity deck gives the rider better connection to the foil allowing greater glide and comfort in flight with more control and balance through manoeuvres
Clean Straight Outline
Better rigidity and responsiveness for quicker rebound from touch down
Care Instructions
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Key Features

Takuma’s innovative Gravity Deck is curved for a natural lower front foot stance, this forces water down as you take off, giving you better control, acceleration and exceptional balance, even underwater. 

The unique top contour also provides a better chest position and board grip while paddling. It is extremely comfortable underfoot during manoeuvres as it creates a natural kick for your back foot. Combine this with the double concave ultra-smooth hull, it gives you all the features required for a sensational ride. This revolutionary design also means that riders are able to reduce the volume and size significantly compared to what they’re used to riding. 

The light and responsive carbon construction allow for sharper turns, effortless pumping, smooth landings and a more radical freestyle performance. The shape is designed to give the optimum speed that is smooth for cruising down the line yet quick and snappy for wake and wing manoeuvres. 

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