Coastlines Insulator Series Mens 5/4 Hooded Chest Zip Steamer

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Coastlines Insulator Series Mens 5/4 Hooded Chest Zip Steamer

$172.50 AUD $345.00 AUD $172.50 AUD



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Product description

Coastlines Insulator Series Men's 5/4 Hooded Chest Zip Steamer - The Arctic Shield

Conquer the Chill: Performance Redefined

Embark on a frigid sea adventure with confidence in the Coastlines Insulator Series Men's 5/4 Hooded Chest Zip Steamer. Designed for the most bitter oceanic conditions, this wetsuit is a fortress against the cold, allowing you to transcend the elements.

Thermal Innovation at Its Core:

  • Advanced Thermal Lining: Plush, rapid-dry lining that holds warmth like a thermal blanket.
  • Seamless Warmth Integration: Triple-sealed seams ensure a watertight fit and ultimate insulation.

Crafted for the Extreme:

  • Oceanic Armor: 5mm neoprene torso with 4mm limbs provides graduated warmth and flexibility.
  • Integrated Hood: Contoured hood design for a seamless fit that retains heat where it's needed most.

Precision and Comfort Melded:

  • Ingenious Chest Zip Entry: Minimized water entry with maximum ease-of-use.
  • Superior Flexibility: Strategically placed neoprene panels allow unhindered movement.

User Experience Meets Durability:

  • 100% Internal Taping: Every inch meticulously taped for comprehensive warmth.
  • Ergonomic Performance Cut: Anatomic paneling to complement the natural movement in the water.

Recommended Regions: South Island NZ, Tasmania AU, Victoria AU

This suit is designed for very cold climates, it is optimal in water temperatures from 6C to 12C



Built-In Hood

Ergonomic, Glideskin Hood***

100% Internal Taping

Protects you from wetsuit rash and adds comfort around the neck

GBS & Taped Seams

Glued & blind stitched & taped seams. Watertight strong seams, making your suit last longer and keeping you warmer

Wooly Thermal Lining

Keeping you warm in cool to cold water. Rapid dry feature helping your wetsuit dry faster in cold conditions

Duraflex Knee Pad

Durable 4-way stretch knee pads, protection and flexibility

Sealed Cuffs

Prevents your wetsuit from stretching around the wrists and ankles, keeping your suit watertight even after years of use

Super Stretch Neoprene

Premium Limestone Neoprene.***

Anatomical Seams

Durable 4 way stretch knee pads, protection and flexibility

Designed & Tested in Aotearoa

With an environment that’s harsher than most, breathtaking water temperatures, high winds and often volatile ocean conditions, we test in the most challenging conditions

Size Height Range Weight
S 172-175 60-70
M 176-181 71-80
L 182-186 81-92
XL 187-192 93-102
XXL 193-200 103-112


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