AQQS 8” Jet Set Fin Set (4+1)

$119.00 AUD

AQQS 8” Jet Set Fin Set (4+1)

$119.00 AUD

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Product description

Unleash Ultimate Versatility with the AQQS 8" Jet Set Fin Set (4+1)

Dynamic Features:

  • Flexible Configuration: Ride as 2+1 or Quad based on wave conditions
  • Sturdy Fiberglass Build: Guarantees reliability and longer lifespan
  • Precision-engineered Design: Flatter foil for balanced drive, pivot, and hold
  • Full-Spectrum Performance: Adapt to any wave condition or riding style
  • Enhanced Stability: Greater stiffness for a forgiving and stable ride

Unmatched Adaptability and High-Performance Surfing

The AQQS 8” Jet Set Fin Set (4+1) is engineered for surfers who crave adaptability and performance. Whether you’re slicing through down-the-line point break waves or executing agile maneuvers, this set has you covered. Crafted from premium fiberglass, these fins offer greater stiffness, making them both forgiving and stable.

Maximize Your Surfing Experience

Switch effortlessly between a 2+1 and a Quad setup to suit any wave condition. With an 8" center fin, 5" forward side fins, and 4 1/2" rear quad fins, this set offers a balanced blend of drive, pivot, and hold. Experience a consistently reliable feel, regardless of the waves you're riding.

Specified Dimensions:

  • Center Fin: A robust 8" for leading stability
  • Forward Side Fins: Perfectly sized at 5" for fluidity
  • Rear Quad Fins: Tailored 4 1/2" for increased pivot and control
  • Material: Durable and responsive fiberglass

Vendor Insights:

The AQQS Jet Set Fin Set is an epitome of high-tech design and tested versatility. Every fin in this set has been rigorously scrutinized to deliver optimum performance for a wide range of surfing conditions.

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