AQQS 5” Carbon Innegra Twin Tab Fin Set (5-Piece)

$119.00 AUD

AQQS 5” Carbon Innegra Twin Tab Fin Set (5-Piece)

$119.00 AUD

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Product description

Unleash Your Surfing Potential with AQQS 5” Carbon Innegra Twin Tab Fin Set

Why Choose This Set:

  • Advanced Material Construction: Carbon Innegra for reduced flex and increased longevity
  • Ultimate Versatility: Suitable for Thruster or Quad setup in varied surf conditions
  • High-Performance Design: Engineered for surfers putting extra power into their turns
  • Balanced Performance: Optimal blend of speed, flow, and responsiveness
  • Flex Tip Feature: Enhanced control during high-speed maneuvers

A New Benchmark in Surfing Excellence

For surfers keen on delivering powerful turns and rapid acceleration, the AQQS 5” Carbon Innegra Twin Tab Fin Set is your go-to. Meticulously crafted with Carbon Innegra material, these fins provide minimal flex and maximal drive for a dynamic surfing experience.

All-Weather, All-Condition Surfing

Engineered to perform exceptionally in a range of surf conditions, this versatile fin set gives you the freedom to choose between a Thruster or Quad setup depending on your environment. Experience the perfect balance of speed, flow, and responsiveness, regardless of the conditions.

Tailored Technical Specs:

  • Fin Size: Perfectly-sized at 5” for enhanced turn power
  • Rear Quads: Measured at 4 1/2” for optimal balance
  • Material: Advanced Carbon Innegra for reduced flex and enhanced durability
  • Versatility: Suitable for both Thruster and Quad setups

Vendor’s Note

The AQQS 5” Carbon Innegra Twin Tab Fin Set is more than just an accessory—it’s a revolution in performance surfing. Field-tested by professional surfers, these fins are designed to elevate your performance to the next level.

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