AQSS Traction Pad - Black (2-Piece)

$50.00 AUD

AQSS Traction Pad - Black (2-Piece)

$50.00 AUD

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Product description

Elevate Your Surf Game with AQSS Traction Pad - Black (2-Piece)

Why Choose AQSS Traction Pad?

  • Cutting-Edge Material: Crafted from a specialized EVA foam blend for lightweight durability
  • Advanced Grip Tech: Features our proprietary S*Labs 3D Diamond Traction-Tech for unparalleled hold
  • Tailored Fit: 2-piece split system lets you customize the grip to any board
  • Secure Adhesion: Employs high-grade 3M adhesive for long-lasting placement
  • Design Excellence: Includes a 33mm vert wedge tail kick and bevelled edges to minimize drag

Vendor Insights:

"The AQSS Traction Pad in black is more than an accessory—it’s an extension of the surfer. Designed for high-level performance, its 3D Diamond Traction-Tech ensures that you're in control of every wave, every turn."

Elevate Your Traction

Experience the next level in surfboard grip technology with AQSS Traction Pad. Using our exclusive S*Labs 3D Diamond Traction-Tech, this pad guarantees four-way unidirectional hold, giving you maximum control during those critical turns.

Light but Tough

Our proprietary EVA foam blend balances lightness with ruggedness. The AQSS Traction Pad won't weigh you down but will provide consistent grip, no matter the water temperature.

Fit for Any Board

The 2-piece split system allows for easy customization. Whether your board has a narrow or wide tail, you can adjust the pad to fit perfectly, optimizing your stance and performance.

Designed for the Waves

Every feature is fine-tuned for surfing efficacy. The 33mm vert wedge tail kick offers increased maneuverability, while bevelled edges and perforated traction cut down on water drag and further enhance grip.

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