AQSS 4.5” Beige Fin Set (5-Piece)

$119.00 AUD

AQSS 4.5” Beige Fin Set (5-Piece)

$119.00 AUD

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Product description

Unlock Surfing Perfection with the AQSS 4.5" Beige Fin Set (5-Piece)

Unmatched Versatility and Precision for Every Board Type

Key Features:

  • Size: Side fins at 4.5”, Rear fin at 4.4”, Rear Quads at 3.85”
  • Material: Solid Glass Construction
  • Configuration: Thruster or Quad Options
  • Performance: Exceptional in Diverse Surf Conditions

The Ultimate Set for Control and Speed

When it comes to making waves, compromise is not an option. AQSS 4.5" Beige Fin Set revolutionizes performance across a wide array of boards—whether it's a shortboard, mini Mal, funboard, or hybrid. Achieve unparalleled responsiveness with these 5-game-changing fins.

Vendor’s Perspective:

"A well-chosen fin set can be the difference between a good surf session and an extraordinary one. Our AQSS 4.5" Beige Fin Set offers precision, speed, and stability. This is more than a fin set; it's a leap towards perfecting your surfing technique."

Precision-Crafted for Your Surfing Ambitions

Constructed from solid glass, these fins are built to handle whatever the ocean throws at you. Choose between the classic Thruster for precise control or the Quad setup for blazing speed. The set's larger base and raked template amplify your drive, making speed generation a breeze.

Responsive Yet Stable

Engineered for balanced flex, these fins ensure stability while their refined tip design minimizes drag. The result? Power-packed bottom turns and exceptional control over your maneuvers.

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