Atlantis 10’6" Blue Floral Inflatable Paddleboard SUP $468.00 USD
Catch the Waves in Style: Atlantis 10'6" Blue Floral Inflatable Paddleboard SUP Floral Elegance Meets Robust Performance: Your Ideal SUP Companion Key Features: Dual-Layer Drop-Stitch Core: Unbeatable strength and stiffness for optimal performance. Bountiful 245L Volume: Enhances buoyancy for effortless paddling. Six Mounting Points and Cargo Carrier: Versatility to bring your essentials on your water escapades. All-in-One Package: Includes an alloy paddle, fin, paddle holder, leg rope, and more! Elegance and Functionality Combined Discover the latest from our Atlantis Floral inflatable series—a stand-up paddleboard that delights both the eyes and the avid paddler. With its striking blue floral design, this SUP is far more than just good looks. Built for Paddlers of All Kinds Whether you're cruising flat waters or riding small waves, the dual-layer drop-stitch core guarantees a board that won't flex under load. A generous 245L volume ensures buoyancy, relieving your body while you glide smoothly across the water. Tailored to suit riders of various heights, weights, and abilities, it's your go-to board for any situation. Gear Up for Adventure Why compromise storage for performance? Our Blue Floral SUP comes with six mounting points and an inbuilt cargo carrier, so you can easily take along your dry-bag or other essentials. Convenience That Packs a Punch Need an easily storable SUP that fits in the backseat or trunk? You've found it. Plus, the Atlantis 10'6" Blue Floral comes packed with everything you need to hit the water: a collapsible adjustable alloy paddle, repair kit, fin, paddle holder, leg rope, waterproof pouch, and a high-speed two-way action pump for rapid inflation up to 15-20 psi. DIMENSIONS Length Width Thickness Volume 10’6 32 6 245L SPECS Specification Description Construction Drop stitch tech / Dual Layer Rocker Medium entry Concave Flat Skill Level Beginner - Intermediate Rail Type Medium Fins 2 + 1 Tail Type Round Square Care Instructions View a copy of our Product Care Manual Board Advice Learn more about Board Types, Construction and Specifications here
Funwater 10'6" Arctic Bear Inflatable Paddle Board SUP $186.00 USD $298.00 USD
Roam the Waters with Strength and Grace: Meet the All-Terrain SUP You've Been Waiting For Standout Features: Why Arctic Bear? Multipurpose Marvel: From casual paddles to competitive races, this SUP does it all Specifications: Measures 10'6" x 33'' x 6'' and weighs just 8.3 kg Resilient Build: High-density PVC ensures durability and strength Comprehensive Package: From pump to paddle, we’ve got you covered Safety First: Equipped with EVA anti-slip deck and leash Guaranteed Satisfaction: 1-year warranty and 30-day no-risk returns All-Rounder with a Bite: Versatility Redefined Take on any aquatic challenge with Funwater's 10'6" Arctic Bear Inflatable SUP. Designed for both leisure and competition, this board adapts to your needs. The Arctic Bear's high-density PVC construction offers the ultimate blend of durability and performance, giving you the confidence to venture further. Crafted to Last: Build & Design Constructed to meet CE certification standards, the Arctic Bear features multi-layer PVC for resilience. It’s not just about brawn; it's also about balance. Three removable fins, along with EVA anti-slip decking, provide that much-needed stability and grip, ensuring you stay upright and in control. Full Gear in a Single Package Bid farewell to piecemeal purchases. Our SUP package ensures you're adventure-ready from the get-go: Adjustable Aluminum Paddle: Tailor it to your height and paddling style High-Pressure Pump: Quick and efficient inflation, no sweat Travel Backpack: Conveniently carry your SUP to any water frontier Safety Leash: No worries about drifting away Waterproof Phone Pouch: Capture every moment, worry-free General Seat & Repair Kit: Sit comfortably and mend minor damages on the go A Warranty That Packs a Punch Rest easy with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Don’t love it? Return it within 30 days—no questions asked. Funwater 10'6" Arctic Bear Inflatable SUP: Conquer Water, Unleash the Bear
Funwater 11' Devil Fish Inflatable Paddle Board SUP $177.00 USD $221.00 USD
Ignite the Waters with Funwater 11' Devil Fish Inflatable Paddle Board SUP The Devil Fish: Where Performance Meets Play Oversized Dimensions: 11' x 32" x 6" for enhanced stability Resilient Make: Crafted from high-quality multi-layer PVC Safety First: CE Certified with an EVA anti-slip surface Light and Portable: 8.6 kg for easy transport Comprehensive Package: Includes all the gear you need, from fins to phone pouch Confidence-Backed: 1-year warranty and a 30-day risk-free return policy The Ultimate Fun-Maker on Water Ever dreamed of a paddle board that can inject excitement into any aquatic setting? Meet the Devil Fish, the inflatable SUP engineered for thrill-seekers and casual paddlers alike. Built Like a Tank, Floats Like a Feather Thanks to its multi-layer PVC construction, the Devil Fish is a fortress on water. This board holds the CE Certification stamp, ensuring you're riding on nothing but the best. Devilishly Good Dimensions The 11' x 32" x 6" dimensions mean this board has the space and stability to let you push your limits. Whether you're performing yoga poses or cruising the lake, the Devil Fish is the ideal platform. Package that Leaves Nothing Behind Your Devil Fish SUP package comes stuffed with all the essentials, and then some: Personalizable Paddle: Adjustable aluminum paddle for maximum efficiency Triple-Fin Setup: Superlative navigation and steadiness Quick-Fill Pump: Inflate your board in minutes, not hours Effortless Portability: A backpack that fits everything Multipurpose Seat: For those moments you prefer to sit Added Extras: Leash, phone pouch, manual, and repair kit included Our Promise to You We offer a no-questions-asked 30-day return policy and a 1-year warranty. This board is built to impress, and we’re confident it will exceed your expectations.
Funwater 10'6" Tiki Inflatable Paddle Board SUP - Blue
$171.00 USD $284.00 USD
Navigating Freedom: Your Perfect Partner for Liquid Adventures Quick Hits: Tiki's Top Features Feather-Light Construction: Ultra-light dual-layer PVC makes it 35% lighter than peers Dimensions That Matter: The board's 10'6" x 33" x 6" size ensures agility and stability Rated for Excellence: CE Certification for unmatched quality and safety All-Around Performer: 150kg weight limit, designed for all skill sets and water conditions Complete Package: From paddle to pump, all essentials included Risk-Free Investment: 1-year manufacturer warranty and 30-day no-risk returns Your Blue Oasis Awaits Take to the waters with the vibrant blue Tiki Inflatable Paddle Board, a beacon of quality and design in the SUP world. Crafted to thrill on rivers, lakes, or oceans, the Tiki SUP brings durability and beauty to every adventure. Lightness Meets Durability The Tiki SUP utilizes a groundbreaking ultra-light dual-layer PVC, making it 35% lighter than competing SUPs without compromising on durability. Stitch, PVC, and EVA come together to form a solid, reliable board designed for the long haul. All You Need in One Package Venture out with everything you need in one bundle. Your Tiki Blue SUP package comes complete with: Adjustable Aluminum Paddle: Customizable comfort for every user High-Pressure Hand Pump: Fast, effortless inflation Sturdy SUP Leash: Safety that doesn't sacrifice style Multi-Fin Setup: For stellar control and maneuverability All-Weather Backpack: Built for any adventure Waterproof Phone Case: Protect what's important Assurance You Can Trust: The Tiki Promise We stand by our craftsmanship with a 30-day no-risk return policy and a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Your purchase isn't just a transaction—it's a pact for endless exploration. Discover the Ultimate Water Journey with Funwater 10'6" Tiki SUP - Blue!
Funwater 10' Lyrebird Inflatable Paddle Board SUP $171.00 USD $284.00 USD
The Perfect Balance of Art and Adventure: Paddle With Personality! Quick Overview: Meet the Lyrebird! One-of-a-Kind Design: Stand out with the Lyrebird's unique aesthetics Specs: Size 10' x 31" x 6" with a weight of 17 kg Durability: Constructed with double-layer PVC for robust resilience Package Inclusions: Board, pump, paddle, backpack, leash, fins, and more Warranty: Stress-free 30-day returns and a 1-year manufacturer warranty The Lyrebird Experience: Where Design Meets Function Looking for a paddleboard that mirrors your unique style? Funwater's 10' Lyrebird is more than just another SUP—it's a statement on water. Behind its artistic design is over a decade of SUP manufacturing expertise, promising both style and substance. Tough But Light: The Build Engineered with multi-layer, wearable PVC material and an additional layer of PVC on the board rails, the Lyrebird delivers exceptional durability. Despite its robust build, the board weighs only 17 kg, offering a unique blend of sturdiness and maneuverability. Your All-Inclusive SUP Package The Lyrebird package ensures you have everything you need for a great day out on the water. It includes: Inflatable Paddle Board: With a distinctive design for the style-conscious adventurer High-Pressure Pump: For quick and efficient inflation Adjustable Aluminum Paddle: Customize to your ideal height Travel Backpack: Rugged and spacious for all your gear Coil Leash & 3 Fins: For enhanced safety and control Waterproof Phone Bag & Wearable Handle Cover: Added conveniences Repair Kit: Because it's better to be safe than sorry Customer-Centric Warranty We back the Lyrebird with a hassle-free 30-day return policy and a one-year manufacturer warranty. Your satisfaction is our priority. Funwater 10' Lyrebird Inflatable Paddle Board: Unleash Your Unique Style
Funwater 10' Rainbow Snake Inflatable SUP
from $171.00 USD $284.00 USD
Awaken Your Inner Adventurer: Paint the Waters with Every Stroke Quick Glance: Why the Rainbow Snake SUP? Colorful Appeal: Vibrant Rainbow Snake design sets you apart Lightweight Champion: Weighs just 8 kg, 35% lighter than peers Specs: Dimensions of 10' x 30" x 6" for effortless balance Durability: Extra PVC layer ensures longer-lasting rails Accessories Aplenty: From paddle to waterproof bag, we've got you covered Warranty: Risk-free 30-day returns and a 1-year manufacturer warranty Unleash Your Spectrum on the Waves Seize the chance to paddle with personality on our Funwater Rainbow Snake 10' Inflatable SUP. Turn heads with a design that's as adventurous as you are while you navigate lakes, rivers, and coastlines. Balanced, Light, and Strong Crafted for ease of use and endurance, our SUP’s lightweight structure makes portability a breeze. Despite weighing a mere 8 kg, this board doesn’t compromise on strength—thanks to an added PVC layer along the rails. With CE Certification, paddle with the peace of mind that you’re on a board meeting top safety standards. Everything You Need in One Vibrant Package Get ready for a hassle-free adventure with these inclusions: Inflatable SUP: Durable and distinctively designed Adjustable Aluminum Paddle: Tailor to your paddling style High-Pressure Hand Pump: Quick and efficient inflation Travel-Friendly Backpack: Convenience on the go 3 Removable Fins: Versatility for different water conditions Coil Leash and Waterproof Bag: Keep essentials secure and dry Repair Kit: Your in-field problem solver Warranty for Worry-Free Paddling We stand by the quality of our products. That's why we offer a no-questions-asked 30-day return policy and a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Paddle with confidence, backed by Funwater. Funwater 10' Rainbow Snake Inflatable Paddle Board: Glide in a Splash of Color
Funwater 10' Feath-R-Lite Inflatable Paddle Board SUP
$161.00 USD $267.00 USD
Paddle Lighter, Glide Faster: The Next Evolution in SUP Design Snapshot: What Sets Feath-R-Lite Apart? Featherweight Design: A mere 8kg for incredible mobility Dimensions: Measuring 10' x 30" x 6" for agile performance All-in-One Kit: Includes board, paddle, pump, leash, and more Rugged Construction: Extra PVC layer for durability Certified Quality: CE-certified and backed by a 1-year warranty Unleash the Feather: Introducing the Feath-R-Lite SUP Ready to experience the next level of paddleboarding? Meet the Funwater 10' Feath-R-Lite, engineered to deliver unrivaled agility without compromising on stability. From tranquil lakes to rushing rivers, this board elevates your SUP adventures with its intelligent design and robust build. Light as Air, Tough as Nails: The Build While the Feath-R-Lite weighs in at a meager 8 kg, its resilience is off the charts. The board's dual-layer PVC construction adds an extra layer of toughness, ensuring you'll ride with confidence through the most challenging water conditions. Ready, Set, Paddle: Your Complete SUP Kit Say goodbye to piecemeal purchases. This all-in-one package provides everything you need to hit the water right away. It includes: Inflatable Paddle Board: Ultra-light and agile Adjustable Aluminum Paddle: Tailored to your height High-Pressure Hand Pump: Quick and efficient inflation Travel Backpack: For hassle-free transportation Coil Leash & 3 Removable Fins: For safety and maneuverability Waterproof Bag & Repair Kit: Peace of mind included Confident Purchase: Certified and Warrantied Rest easy knowing that the Feath-R-Lite comes CE-certified for your safety and enjoyment. Plus, with our comprehensive 1-year warranty, you're covered from bow to stern. Funwater 10' Feath-R-Lite Inflatable Paddle Board: Your Ticket to Unparalleled Agility
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