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AQSS Mirage Mid-length Softboard Foam Surfboard from $599.00 AUD
AQSS Mirage: The Big Kahuna of Mid-length Softboards Extra Volume, Extra Waves: The Perfect Funboard for Every Surfer Key Highlights: A Bigger Splash in Surfing Generous Volume: Extra buoyancy for catching more waves, more often. Forward Single to Double Concave: Enables sharp turns and heightened response. EPS/Epoxy Construction: Optimal buoyancy-to-weight ratio for unparalleled float. Thruster Fin Setup: Customizable fin configuration for tailored performance. Suitable for Progression: Ideal for intermediates and those downsizing from a longboard. Meet the Big Brother: What Sets Mirage Apart The AQSS Mirage acts as the beefier sibling to the much-acclaimed Middie. With extra volume under the chest, the Mirage is designed to give you more wave-catching opportunities while maintaining stability on the ride. The tapered nose and tail make sure your turns are as smooth as they are stylish. Dive Deeper: Complex Bottom Curves Mirage's bottom starts with a forward single concave that smoothly transitions into a double concave towards the tail. These advanced contours offset the extra volume, letting more experienced surfers nail tight turns with supreme confidence. This board offers a very sensitive feel without compromising on responsiveness—rare for a board this size. Construction Excellence: Built to Last, Built to Impress Mirage sports an EPS/Epoxy build that provides a near-perfect buoyancy-to-weight ratio. This construction ensures you get both durability and a lightweight feel for easier maneuvering. Versatile Fin Configuration: Ride it Your Way Mirage comes with a thruster setup, giving you the liberty to add your preferred set of fins and customize the ride to suit your style and wave conditions. The Ideal Surfer: Mirage's Best Mate The Mirage finds its sweet spot with intermediate surfers eyeing continuous progression, and with more seasoned riders considering a shift from a longboard to something more agile. Customization Note: Choose Your Fins As with our other offerings, fins are not included with this board, leaving you with the choice to personalize your setup. DIMENSIONS LENGTH WIDTH THICKNESS VOLUME 6'8 21 5/8" 2 5/8" 43.55L 7'0 22 2 3/4" 49L 7'4" 22 3/8" 2 7/8" 54L SIZING GUIDE WEIGHT BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED < 50KG 6'8 6'8 6'8 50-60KG 6'8 6'8 6'8 60-70KG 7'0 6'8 6'8 70-80KG 7'0 6'8 6'8 80-90KG 7'0 7'0 7'0 90-100KG 7'4" 7'4" 7'0 100-110KG 7'4" 7'4" 7'4" > 110KG  7'4" 7'4" 7'4" SPECS SPECIFICATION DESCRIPTION CONSTRUCTION EPS Foam / 6oz + 4oz tail patch / 6oz + 4oz ROCKER Low Entry CONCAVE Single to Double SKILL LEVEL Beginner to Intermediate  RAIL TYPE Soft 40/60 FIN CONFIGURATION 3 Fin Thruster ConfigurationTwin Tab TAIL TYPE Rounded Square CARE INSTRUCTIONS View a copy of our Product Care Manual BOARD ADVICE Learn more about Board Types, Construction and Specifications here
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Bred To Shred 5'6" Mini Softboard Foam Surfboard from $380.41 AUD
Unleash the Beast: Bred To Shred 5'6" Mini Softboard Key Features: Vacuum Construction: Say goodbye to bubbles and sharp edges. Cushioned Deck: Safety-first design minimizes injury from impact. High-Speed Rails: Unparalleled wave-carving capabilities. Performance Tail: Advanced fin setup for radical maneuvers. Youth-Focused: Ideal dimensions for younger or lighter riders. The Construction Story: Vacuum-Sealed Perfection Using proprietary vacuum construction technology, the Bred To Shred 5'6" Mini Softboard eradicates the common issues of bubbling and dangerous sharp surfaces. Trust us, this board is built to last and endure even the most extreme surf conditions. Comfort and Safety: Cushioning Where It Counts Don't sacrifice comfort or safety when hitting the waves. Our cushioned deck minimizes the risk of impact-related injuries, letting you focus on mastering your moves. Unmatched Speed: Rails That Scream Built for performance, this shortboard features high-speed rails that are engineered to help you carve through waves like a hot knife through butter. Glide, turn, and shred with unparalleled ease. Fin Dynamics: Take Control of Your Ride The performance tail comes equipped with an advanced fin setup, allowing for remarkable control and radical maneuvers. This is the board for surfers who refuse to compromise on agility. Size Width Thickness Volume 5'6 19.7" 2.75" 48L Board ColourSky Blue AdditionsHandle for easy carrying  BrandingBred to Shred deck & bottom decals IXPE DeckWell cushioned & sealed to reduce risk of delamination Glassing4oz + 4oz fiberglass sandwich layers EVA Nose BumperProtective nose EVA bumper under PE skin Epoxy LayerStrengthens & stiffens the board EPS CoreLight & buoyant moulded EPS core StringersProvide superior longitudinal strength with controlled flex Reinforced Fin BoxPVC tubing within high-density PVC blocks HDPE SlickLow friction surface FinsThruster twin tab Soft Fins
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