Jaeger Pegasus Pro 7'5" Foil Board $998.00 USD
Where Innovation Meets Elevation: Skyrocket Your Foiling Experience with Unmatched Value and Versatility Cutting-Edge Specs Tailored for You Dimensions: A generous 7'5" size for versatile conditions. Full Carbon Wrap: The hallmark of strength and durability in foil board construction. Dual Timber Stringers: Sandwiched around a durable PVC mounting block system for unparalleled hold. Feather-Light EPS Core: For buoyancy that defies gravity. Anti-Slip EVA Skin: Secure your stance with confidence. Scale New Heights with Advanced Materials Jaeger's latest offering, the Pegasus Pro 7'5" Foil Board, showcases cutting-edge, full-carbon construction. The result is a foil board that doesn't just stand up to conditions—it dominates them. The Best of All Worlds: Skill-Level Versatility Whether you're a budding foil boarder or an experienced pro, the Pegasus Pro Series has got you covered. With sizes ranging from 4'4" to 7'5", there's a Pegasus Pro for every ride and rider. Safety and Performance: Why Choose? Between its EPS core and its super grippy EVA skin, the Pegasus Pro 7'5" is designed for both high performance and high safety standards. You don't have to choose between pushing the envelope and staying secure—you can have it all. A League of Its Own: Why Jaeger Stands Out The Jaeger name is synonymous with value and cutting-edge technology. It's not just another foil board; it's a foil board that promises and delivers more for your money. DIMENSIONS Length Width Thickness Volume 4'4 19 5/16" 2 9/16" 34.7L 5'6  19 1/2" 2 11/16"  43.1L 6'6  19 1/2" 2 11/16"   50.6L 7'5  30" 4"   130.6L SIZING GUIDE Weight Beginner Intermediate Advanced < 50KG 6'6 5'6 4'4 50-60KG 6'6 5'6 4'4 60-70KG 6'6 5'6 4'4 70-80KG 7'0 5'6 4'4 80-90KG 7'5 6'6 5'6 90-100KG 7'5 6'6 5'6 100-110KG 7'5 7'0 6'6 > 110KG  7'5 7'0 6'6 SPECS  Specification Description Construction EPS Foam with full carbon wrap and EVA deck skin Rocker Low Rocker Concave Flat Bottom Skill Level Beginner - Advanced Rail Type Chimed Rails Fin Box Dual Single fin box mounted into PVC Tail Type Chimed Tail  
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